Metcalf Capsule Collection.

Upon release of Tre Smith's latest project, Metcalf In Waitehill, New Merchadise in now available. Your move.

The Smith Shop was founded by Tre Smith, a Cleveland native with a passion for music, art, design, and unity. Tre's journey in the clothing industry began during his early years as an intern for ADHD Apparel, where he learned the ins and outs of the business and turned his internship into a full-time graphic design position that allowed him to travel around the United States. With a background in graphic design and over 12 years of experience working with Adobe, Tre was well-equipped to start his own clothing brand. He wanted to create something that reflected his unique vision and values, and that showcased the creativity and diversity of his beloved city. Driven by his passion for music, art, and design, as well as his desire to bring people together, Tre created The Smith Shop as a way to highlight the strength of humans being able to coexist regardless of differences. His unique designs and uplifting quotes speak to the heart and soul of his customers, reminding them that they are capable of achieving anything they set their minds to. With each new collection, The Smith Shop has become more than just a clothing brand - it's a symbol of hope, inspiration, and empowerment. Tre's commitment to personal growth and community sets his brand apart from the rest, and his dedication to unity shines through in every design. Today, The Smith Shop is a testament to Tre's vision and a reflection of his years of experience and success in the clothing industry. It's a celebration of music, art, and design, and a reminder that we can all coexist peacefully and with respect for one another.